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Rama First nations

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our Rama Cannabis FAQ’s and learn more about shopping in-store and online as well as our legal and social responsibilities.

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Rama Cannabis In-Store FAQ’s

Where are you located?2021-05-17T16:00:25-04:00

5988 Rama Road, Rama, Ontario L3V 6H6
Near Orillia, Ontario and across from Casino Rama.

Call Today: 705-326-0960.

What are your store hours?2021-02-19T13:41:21-05:00

10am – 8pm, 7 days per week.

Do I need photo identification to enter the store?2020-12-17T21:07:49-05:00

Yes. Any government-issued photo ID will be required to enter the store that indicates that you are 19 years of age or older.

What kind of payment methods to you accept?2020-12-22T13:36:05-05:00

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit are all accepted.

Do you charge sales tax on purchases?2021-02-22T13:29:19-05:00

HST is charged on all purchases unless you are a Status First Nation and have a valid Status First Nation card that is presented at time of purchase.

Do I have to wait in line before entering the store?2020-12-17T21:05:38-05:00

Possibly. This will depend on the amount of customers in the store at the time of your visit. There are limitations on the maximum allowable customers in the store at any one time due to both fire and COVID-19 regulations.

Is parking available at your location?2021-05-17T16:02:11-04:00

Yes. There are approximately 25 parking spots available for store customers on site, located behind the store.

How much cannabis can I purchase in one visit?2021-01-07T11:56:34-05:00

Provincial regulations only permit the purchase of a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis flower or the equivalent per visit.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Dried Cannabis 1g 5g 10g 15g 20g 25g 30g
Fresh Cannabis 5g 25g 50g 75g 100g 125g 150g
Edible Product 15g 75g 150g 225g 300g 375g 450g
Liquid Product 70g 350g 700g 1050g 1400g 1750g 2100g
Concentrates 0.25g 1.25g 2.5g 3.75g 5g 6.25g 7.5g
Cannabis Seeds 1 5 10 15 20 25 30
Can I purchase medical cannabis at the store?2020-12-22T13:36:50-05:00

No. Only recreational cannabis and cannabis accessories are sold at the store.
Medical cannabis through a prescription can only be sold by licensed cannabis producers direct by mail.

Can I use recreational cannabis for medical purposes?2020-12-17T21:03:45-05:00

Yes. Cultivars used for medical purposes are also available in recreational forms. There is no difference in regulations pertaining to the growing of medical or recreational cannabis.

Can I return my product for a refund?2021-05-17T16:18:11-04:00

No refunds or exchanges on any cannabis products, bongs, vapes or pipes unless they are damaged. All other accessories may be returned in original packaging with a receipt.

What about product recalls?2020-12-17T21:01:32-05:00

For all cannabis product recalls please contact the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) at 1-888-910-0627.

Can I enter the store with a young child?2020-12-17T20:57:25-05:00

No. The legal age for entry into a cannabis store is 19 years of age or older in Ontario.

Are there resources available for advising me on what to purchase both in-store and online?2021-02-22T13:35:43-05:00

Yes. Our budmasters are skilled professional cannabis experts who can guide and educate you on all of our cannabis products and accessories and their effects. They are easily identifiable in-store by uniform.

Online please contact us at 705-326-0960 to speak to a budmaster directly.

Can I sample the products before purchasing?2021-05-17T16:10:11-04:00

No. Customers are not allowed to sample any products prior to purchase. All cannabis product comes pre-packaged. If you are not sure of what products are right for you, please speak to one of our Budmasters or Supervisors prior to making your purchase decision.

How can I check product availability in the store prior to my visit?2021-02-22T13:37:42-05:00

You can either go online and make a purchase for pick up at the store or you can call the store directly at 705-326-0960 to check on the availability of a particular product or brand.

Rama Cannabis Online Store FAQ’s

How do I make a purchase on www.ramacanabis.ca?2021-04-07T11:59:42-04:00

Please see our online shop page.

I want to be sure of my purchase before I make my decision. How do I obtain more information to help me with my decision?2021-02-22T13:39:23-05:00

Please check our cannabis education section on our website for all things cannabis or call 705-326-0960 to speak to one of our budmaster experts who will help guide you with your purchase decision so that you are fully informed.

How do you prevent online purchases from people under the age of 19?2020-12-17T21:31:18-05:00

Access to our website is limited to those people who are 19 years of age and older. When an online order is being picked up at the store the purchaser must present valid government-issued photo ID indicating they are at least 19 years of age before entering the store for express pick-up. Only the purchaser who completed the online order can pick up the product at the store with valid ID.

Do I need to create an account to purchase online?2021-05-17T16:13:15-04:00

When you place an order on-line, you will need to include your full name, telephone number and date of birth. This information will be retained for your use for the convenience and ease of re-ordering in the future. We would invite you to join our mailing list so we can keep you informed on what is new and all our upcoming promotions.

Can I cancel an order after placing it online?2021-05-17T16:03:21-04:00

Unfortunately, all online orders are processed immediately on checkout. If you have made a mistake with your order you can simply place a new order for pick up. If the first order is not picked up within 24 hours it will be cancelled and refunded.

How long do I have to pick up my order after placing it online?2020-12-17T21:29:13-05:00

You have 7 days from the time of order placement to pick it up from the store. After 7 days all unclaimed orders will be cancelled and refunded.

Do you offer delivery?2020-12-17T21:47:27-05:00

No, we only offer in-store express pick up at this time.

When & how do I pick up my online order?2021-05-17T16:23:02-04:00

You can pick up your online order at the store anytime during regular store hours after you have waited at least 15 minutes after you have placed your order.

When you arrive at the store, please park in the spots designated CURB SIDE PICKUP at the rear of the store and call 705-326-0960 to arrange for an BUDMASTER to bring your order out to you, if the order has been prepaid. Please have your photo ID and Status Card (if applicable) available for verification. The name on your ID must match the name on the order.

Do you offer gift cards for purchase?2020-12-17T21:27:35-05:00

Not at this time but may in the future. Please check back to see when this would be available.

Are prices online the same as in-store?2020-12-17T21:26:54-05:00

Yes. All of our prices are the same whether you purchase online or in-store.

Can I use my Status Indian card for online purchases to save the sales tax?2021-04-07T12:01:45-04:00

Yes, only if you pay by cash at check-out. When you arrive at Rama Cannabis you must bring your  Status Indian card and we will settle the transaction as tax-free.

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